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From complete makeovers to tailored conversions, our expert team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Leveraging our vast experience and a network of skilled professionals, we ensure your project is managed seamlessly within budget and time constraints.


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Timely and Within-Budget Completion

At the core of SPPM’s mission is our property renovation and conversion service, designed to unlock the full potential of your property. We understand that many landlords dream of transforming their properties, whether for enhancement or conversion to serve a new purpose. Our role is to bring your vision to life, ensuring the transformation of your property exceeds your expectations.

Expertise in Property Transformation

Our extensive experience in property renovations and conversions has earned the trust and satisfaction of numerous landlords. From comprehensive overhauls to specific area upgrades, our expertise ensures your project is managed flawlessly from inception to completion. Our services include:

Full-Scale Renovations: Tailored to rejuvenate your property, enhancing its appeal and value.

Specialised Conversions: Transforming commercial spaces into residential units, aligning with current market demands and maximising property potential.

Quality and Budget Assurance: We prioritise finding competent tradespeople, overseeing interior design choices, and ensuring the project adheres to your budget and timeline, facilitating a smooth transition to the rental market.

Personalised Selection: We use a refined matching process that considers both the landlord’s preferences and tenant needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your property.

Navigating the Conversion Process

The shift from commercial to residential use is increasingly sought-after, driven by changing market needs. Our team specialises in navigating this complex conversion process, offering comprehensive support through:

Planning and Regulation Compliance: Assisting with obtaining planning approval and ensuring all works comply with building regulations.

End-to-End Project Oversight: From initial consultation to project completion, we guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful property transformation.

See the Transformation

Experience the impact of our Renovations and Conversions service through our gallery of before-and-after photos. Each set captures the remarkable transformations we’ve achieved, showcasing our commitment to quality, design, and functionality. From complete property overhauls to specific area upgrades, these images highlight the expertise and care we bring to every project.


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