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Navigate the complexities of property compliance with ease through our General Compliance Service. We cover all essential aspects, from Health and Safety to Energy Performance Certificates and Deposit Protection, ensuring your property adheres to the latest legal standards. With our expert management, enjoy peace of mind knowing your rental meets all necessary requirements for tenant safety and legal compliance.

Stress-Free Tenant Onboarding

Seamless Administration: From the initial enquiry to signing the tenancy agreement, we handle all administrative tasks, making the process smooth for both landlords and tenants.

Continuous Support: Our service doesn’t stop at tenant placement. We offer ongoing support to ensure your tenancy runs smoothly, including assistance with any initial queries or concerns from your new tenants.


Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Income


Hassle-Free Property Management


Reliable Tenant Occupancy

Our General Compliance Service aligns with our core mission to serve landlords’ best interests by navigating the complex landscape of legal requirements for rental properties. The significance of compliance cannot be overstated—it ensures the safety of tenants and the legal protection of landlords. SPPM is here to alleviate the burden of compliance, ensuring your property adheres to all necessary standards and regulations.

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

Our service covers essential areas of property compliance, including Health and Safety, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), and Deposit Protection, to provide a safe and legally compliant environment for your tenants.

Health and Safety Compliance

Fire Safety and Gas Checks: We manage the installation and maintenance of fire alarm and carbon monoxide systems, alongside conducting annual gas safety checks with our network of qualified professionals, ensuring your property is safe and compliant

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Efficiency and Environmental Impact: We facilitate the acquisition and renewal of EPCs, detailing the energy efficiency and environmental impact of your property. Our expertise ensures tenants always have access to current EPC information, contributing to better energy use and compliance with regulatory standards.

Deposit Protection

Security and Dispute Resolution: We handle the setup and management of government-sanctioned deposit protection schemes, providing a layer of financial security and an impartial resolution process for any disputes between landlords and tenants.


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