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Efficient administrative support tailored for landlords, delivering streamlined operations and hassle-free management. Our comprehensive solutions provide property owners with peace of mind, ensuring reliability and seamless organisation.

Non-Fault Eviction (Section 21)

In instances where a landlord seeks possession of their property without fault on the tenant’s part, such as for selling purposes, we guide you through the legal and administrative procedures required for a Section 21 eviction. With our expertise, we ensure a seamless process, enabling you to regain possession of your property efficiently.

Fault Eviction (Section 8)

In cases where there has been a breach of the tenancy agreement, we assist landlords in initiating a fault eviction under Section 8. From arrears management to property damage and tenant misconduct, we handle the necessary legal and administrative steps to facilitate a swift resolution.

As a landlord, navigating through the myriad of administrative and legal obligations can be overwhelming. At South Park Property Management (SPPM), we recognise the importance of effectively managing these tasks to unlock the full financial potential of your property investment.

Streamlined Administrative Solutions

We understand that many landlords may lack the time or expertise to handle administrative duties effectively. That’s why our dedicated team at SPPM is committed to meticulously managing all administrative aspects on your behalf. From handling rental increases to issuing late rent notices and property repossession notices, we ensure that every detail is managed with precision and compliance.

Expert Handling of Property Repossession Notices

Property repossession can be a complex process, requiring careful adherence to legal and administrative protocols. Whether it’s a non-fault eviction (Section 21) or a fault eviction (Section 8), our team is well-versed in the intricacies of both scenarios.

Maximise Your Returns with SPPM

At SPPM, we understand the urgency of regaining possession of your property to maximise your return on investment. Our experienced team has successfully helped landlord navigate numerous repossession notices, providing landlords with peace of mind and timely resolution. Let us leverage our expertise to support you in navigating the complexities of property repossession, ensuring a stress-free process and optimal outcomes.


Efficient Admin Support for Landlords


Streamlined Administrative Solutions


Expert Handling of Property Repossession Notices


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