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Enhance your rental property’s condition with our specialist property maintenance services. Offering 24/7 support to tenants, our dedicated team promptly addresses and resolves a wide array of maintenance issues, from electrical and plumbing repairs to general upkeep, ensuring your property adheres to the highest standards. Boasting over 15 years of expertise in property management, we’re adept at maintaining pristine conditions and tenant satisfaction. Our network of certified tradespeople, coupled with our commitment to swift, professional solutions, positions us as the premier choice for landlords seeking to foster long-term tenant relationships and optimise property performance. 

24/7 Support and Issue Resolution

  • Round-the-Clock Availability: We provide 24/7 contact points for tenants to report any issues, guaranteeing there’s always someone available to assist.
  • Skilled Resolution: Upon identifying the problem, our team of qualified tradespeople springs into action, ensuring issues are resolved swiftly and to a high standard

Being a landlord comes with the significant responsibility of maintaining your property to a high standard, ensuring any tenant-reported issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. Our extensive experience in property management has honed our ability to upkeep properties effectively, ensuring swift resolution of any concerns.

Our Experience and Proffesional Network

With over 15 years of experience in property maintenance, we’ve encountered and resolved every imaginable maintenance challenge. Our network of highly qualified professionals in electrical, plumbing, and general building work guarantees that all maintenance tasks are executed with utmost professionalism.

Transparent Communication

Throughout the maintenance process, we ensure you’re well-informed about the status of repairs, necessary work, and associated costs. This transparency is key to our service, allowing you to stay updated without any surprises.

Maintaining High Standards

Our commitment to high-quality maintenance and responsive service ensures your tenants are satisfied and more likely to remain long-term. At SPPM, we pride ourselves on fostering positive relationships with tenants through our effective problem-solving approach, contributing to their happiness and ensuring they are content to continue renting your property.


24/7 Tenant Support


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Transparent Communication and Cost Management


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